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Factory Manufacturing Located in Lehigh Valley, PA: Powder Manufacturing

What Sets Us Apart

When we set out to build a manufacturing center for the automated production and packaging of stick packs and bulk powders, blending and dispensing operations, we knew we had to create a building that would be the best – or among the best – on the East Coast.

One of the most important features of our manufacturing facility is the air handling unit. Industrial air handlers are used to condition air so that it’s clean, as well as circulate it properly throughout the building. Air handlers are essential to keeping the environment cool or warm and humidity-free, which is essential for maintaining the comfort of workers and not compromising products. Industrial air handling is necessary to run a clean, healthy factory.

PennPak Solutions also boasts a Maintenance shop that, compared to industry standards, is twice as large as normal. Implementing an equipment maintenance and facility maintenance strategy reduces equipment failures, increases the lifespan of critical assets, and is an overall investment in the company’s success.


Factory Manufacturing Located in Lehigh Valley, PA: Allen Flavors

PennPak Solutions is proud to be in a full R&D partnership with Allen Flavors, a privately owned, dynamic, innovative leader in the food and beverage industry, offering an array of specialized services well beyond that of a typical flavor house. Allen Flavors consistently provides customers with a library of high-performance, great-tasting, traditional flavors, including the industry’s most rapidly-growing collection of certified organic flavors. Through this partnership, PennPak Solutions and Allen Flavors can offer:

  • Ready-to-drink powders
  • Carbonated lab samples
  • Ready-to-drink beverages
  • Batch Pasteurization capabilities
    • Simulated Hot-fill conditions
    • Simulated Tunnel-pasteurization conditions
    • Turnkey and Hybrid solutions from concept
  • Ingredient Supply
  • Sensory and Quality Resources


PennPak Solutions’ Lehigh Valley, PA-based locations provide access to one-third of the U.S. consumer market, making it an ideal hub for distribution, fulfillment, and shipping needs.

The Lehigh Valley is located 90 minutes west of New York City and 60 minutes north of Philadelphia.

We have a nationwide network of Smart Warehouse partnerships, with 38 warehouses that make up 12+ million sq. ft., in 12+ major markets.

PennPak Solutions is positioned for all modes of transportation resources.

Factory Manufacturing Located in Lehigh Valley, PA: Map